The Naked Face Project


As I mentioned previously, I’ve been following Molly and Caitlin with their Naked Face Project for the last 60 days.  The last day is tomorrow.  And although they’ve asked people to join in for one day…I am looking forward to a Saturday night out with friends and getting able to put on some nice(r) clothes and makeup for the evening so I’ll be bailing out of the last day of the project for use of deodorant and lipstick.

However, I often go without makeup and fancy grooming.  Ask my husband.  Poor guy.  Spending last weekend with me in Florida was an example.  Why shower first thing in the morning and get all dolled-up to only lather myself in sunscreen and then sit and sweat at the beach all day while my hair whips in the wind and goes all crazy?   

Or ask my neighbor.  She and I have probably seen each other at our absolute worst (and best).  Through pregnancies, being super tired, disheveled at the end of a long work day.  But given permission to leave our spouses the chance to go out and take a walk together, etc. we are generally only worried about throwing on our gym shoes.  And yes, I’m assuming about her right now but she seems confident and happy when I see her without makeup, not insecure.  I know others who apologize for it (“Sorry I don’t have my face on” or “I can’t do XYZ until I get myself put together”). 

And in the world of three kids, I RARELY get a lot of time in the bathroom and it’s never alone.  And someone is always causing a tantrum, etc. so I rarely am focused on me.  (Tantrum picture above.)  Therefore, I’ve learned how to get ready in lightning speed.  Focusing on necessities only.  And shaved legs in the winter?  Not necessity.  Again, sorry sweetie. 

I don’t think worse of anyone who finds extra time for all that…it’s just not me.  I’m just as content in sweats and a pony tail.  But I do wear makeup to work and occasionally even some lipstick.  And I enjoy a good manicure and pedicure.  So I’m not totally a tomboy, but will definitely run to the grocery on a Saturday morning sans makeup even with the very good possibility that I’ll run into someone I know.

So check out The Naked Face project and their recent USA Today article HERE.  Could you have completed this challenge?  Are you No Maintenance like Katie?  Low maintenance?  Are are you the person we’re always waiting on because it takes you FOREVER to get ready? 

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