St. Patrick’s Day Clover Clippie

Yesterday I was all set to re-visit my Target adventure or really lack-there-of since it’d been exactly 2 months since I stepped inside of one.  But the day job got crazy and I worked through lunch and even a bit after bedtime (my two main blogging times).  So that will have to wait.  Need to catch up?  Start with Dear Target and follow-up with Love Letter #2.

I’m also still finishing my St. Patrick’s decor on my living room hutch and putting final touches on my laundry room.  So more to come on those.  But for now…shamrock clippies!  I pinned this idea from an Etsy shop, made my own, and my girls will be wearing them proudly on St. Patrick’s Day.  I also made a few new green headbands.



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