Because I’m a Chicken, I Ordered the Chicken Tacos

So many of you know me as such an extrovert and also very comfortable with myself. And I am…usually. But not always when I’m in a situation when I’m by myself…like when I’m traveling alone.

So here’s the thing. I hate eating alone in restaurants. HATE. I feel like everyone around me looks at me and wonders why I’m alone, having pity on me because I can’t find a dining companion. I usually take something to read just to look busy. Even if I don’t end up actually reading any of it.

If I can hide in a dark corner booth, awesome.

So this week I’m at a conference in downtown Atlanta. And I ate alone at Hard Rock last night in the bar area. Not so bad…and others were alone. But tonight I was just going to grab something in the hotel lobby bar. So I went down to it, but then noticed all of the tables were out in the open lobby and filled with groups of people laughing. I didn’t have a group…and laughing too much by myself would seem odd. I suddenly felt very alone and awkward. Plus, I couldn’t see if they were people from my conference, but thought what if they were and didn’t ask me to join them??

So I kept walking and went right back to the elevator (which was out of sight) and went right back to my room and ordered room service.

And I really enjoyed my chicken tacos and French fries…in my pjs!

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  1. Awww, how were the tacos? Sorry you didn’t have a group to eat with. It’s funny, I love eating alone for all of the same reasons as you don’t enjoy it. So bizarre… That being said, I’m a complete introvert (a social one, though). Think of it this way, though… enjoy going to a restaurant, not having to tell a kid to stay in their seat, pull another one out from under the table, have to play it off when a kid chews up their food, spits it out, and yells, “That’s disgusting.” … maybe that’s just my kids though… :-/ Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. this made me tear up for some reason. and NO i’m not pregnant. 🙂 as an introvert, that’s how i feel in a lot of situations, so it always surprises me to hear that other people feel the same sometimes. that said, room service can be quite awesome. hope you enjoyed your trip!

  3. i recently discovered that i love going to the movies alone, but not sure about eating out alone. nothing beats room service though really. i love to eat on a big bed in a clean room in my pjs.

  4. well, you could have voice mailed me while you ate silly! LOL! I love to eat alone, shop alone, go to movies alone here and there. If I do it too often by myself, I do start to feel like a loser. hahaha that said, I’m more worried about someone trying to abduct or kill me while alone then to think I have no friends. we all have something right?

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