And Just Like That, I Owed Her a Puppy

This afternoon we went to the pool at my dad’s complex. Charlotte was sporting her beloved puddle jumper and Stella tried out some new water wings. They are both extremely different in the water…Charlotte is a fish and Stella screams in horror when the first water droplet hits her face.

We’ve battled this with Stella for awhile. Last fall we resorted to offering her $1 for every time she’d go underwater at swim lessons each week. After months it only cost me about $4…but we owed Charlotte a car.

So I put the offer out there again today. Because she really wants that damn Fur Real puppy. So I “teased” her by offering up the dollars again for her to save to get that dog someday…because what were the chances?

Well, the joke’s on me! About 45 minutes later and she’d earned that damn dog. I have no idea what changed, but she now LOVES going underwater.

That was my hidden agenda for this trip and I will happily purchase the mutt for a mission accomplished!

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  1. I think you got played by your daughter 🙂 But hooray for Stella! She and Claire really are kindred spirits…..we had the same battles all. last. summer!

  2. whatever it takes. i just offered a bear a new star wars toy if he makes it to the potty today. we were 0 for who knows how many yesterday.

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