Top 10 Celebrity Crushes

So it’s Oscar week.  And I’m still regretting staying up as late as I did to watch them.  But I LOVE movies.  And I had seen “The Help”, “The Descendants” and “Moneyball”.  So I wanted to stay up and see who won what.  During that time I posted about Colin Firth on FB.  And someone replied back with comments on George Clooney.  Which led to this…

My top 10 Celebrity Crushes
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First and above all, I adore George, so he’s is my #1.

1. George Clooney – he had me early on, but sealed the deal on ER; also love the fact that he is local and enjoyed “spending time” with him last year while he was here filming “Ides of March”; the only thing against him in my book is his revolving door of girlfriends; although his villa on Lake Como makes up for that…I’ve been to Lake Como and WOW

2. Colin Firth – yes, I love his accent; enjoyed him in “Love Actually” and “Bridget Jones’s Diary”; only thing he has over George is his longer term relationships and the fact that he has kids

So, given the choice between the two…my heart would be with George, but my mind would probably choose Colin.  Who am I kidding?  I’d be headed to the villa in a heartbeat.  But with Colin on speed dial for the moment when George won’t commit and have babies with me.

Glad that’s cleared up.  Now, onto the rest of the men:

3. Mr. Big – loved him in Sex & the City and now in The Good Wife; for the life of me cannot think of his real name right now!  ha!  (He will always be Mr. Big)

4. Joshua Jackson – fell in love with Pacey; watched Fringe for awhile

5. Matt Damon – So glad he had to go see about a girl (who can name it?)

6. John Cusack – “Serendipity” anyone?

7. Josh Lucas – had me in “Sweet Home Alabama”; I’d take him over Patrick Dempsey anyday

8. Anderson Cooper – I don’t know why…he’s just adorable to me

9. Ashton Kutcher/Ryan Gosling – I really used to like Ashton so much more; just adorable in “Valentine’s Day”; kind of can’t stand him lately with all his publicity about Demi and then don’t like him on “Two and Half Men” (went downhill in my opinion)…so quickly replacing him with Ryan Gosling…mainly because he is just awesome on Pinterest…you’ve seen him on Pinterest, right?  And all the sweet things he says??

10. Marcus Buckingham…need I say more?   Well….you may be thinking, celebrity?  In a business-focused manner.  Yum.  Just yum.

Those are my picks for today.  Who is on your list?  Who did I leave out??

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8 Responses to Top 10 Celebrity Crushes

  1. The answer to #5 is Good Will Hunting. What do I win? I have a celebrity crush on Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. I also agree with Ryan Gosling. Brad Pitt used to be up there but he has lost a little with all of the media attention.

  2. Rob still laughs at me – but I think Shawn Connery is just so sexy, especially in the old James Bond movies. He will always be on my list! And Matthew McConehey (sp?) yeah, love him since he was in the John Grishiam movie….

  3. I love seeing the eye candy other moms are interested in. Colin Firth would definitely make my Top Ten list too! The accent and the way he seems so… unaware. Love him! And yes I agree, Ryan Gosling is not bad and very sweet to us moms!

  4. That’s a pretty darn good looking list. For my list, I would add several of yours (Hello, George!), and would also have to add Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, and Robert Pattinson. (I can’t even believe I said that last one, but it’s true. LOL)

  5. Great news! Because of CLonney’s revolving door, you may at some point have a shot! Unless I beat you to it – he is delicious! Anderson Cooper? Not sure he swings our way….just sayin. As much as I find him annoying, I do think Tom Cruise is pretty nice to look at…..and John Hamm not so bad either.

  6. cannot believe I forgot about Matthew Mcounahey (sp?) – alright alright alright…..yummmm! And lately Blake Shelton although not a movie star pretty appealing!

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