The Simple Things: Snow Angels

As far as snow is concerned, we really are lacking it this winter in the Cincinnati area.  The girls are oh. so. sad.  We got a dusting overnight on Friday and they wanted to go out in it Saturday morning.  You can still see the grass through it in the pictures.  It wouldn’t stay together to make snowballs or snowmen, but snow angels?  Yes!  Are we really only going to get about 4 inches for the entire winter season?  Or is the great big blizzard headed our way in March?  I’m holding out for the blizzard…as long as it occurs while everyone is HOME and the fridge is FULL.

I’m linking up today with the simple things…

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  1. what great photos Tricia! 🙂 crossing my fingers you get that snow you’re hoping for. its been am unusual winter here in Canada too….not much snow, but I’m afraid I’m ok with it. 😉 🙂

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