My Favorite Day of the Year…They’re HERE!

I am a complete sucker for the Trefoils (shortbread) Girl Scout Cookies.  So when I got the call yesterday that my cookie order was in…and then realized it wasn’t Lent yet…OMG!  I scheduled an immediate pick-up. 

And yes, when Andy and I sat down to watch the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother (meet the mom already!!) we were giddy to have cookies and milk.  Ok, so Andy was definitely not giddy…but the guy does love his Tagalongs.  And, sadly, I can easily put down a sleeve of shortbread in one sitting (and I did).  I also love the Thin Mints.  We I ordered some Do-si-dos for the girls because we were not about to share our favorites!  Ha. 

Yes, I order an obscene amount of cookies each year.  To support the Girl Scouts of course.  Mainly because I order from probably 4-5 people.  And I do freeze most of them.  Because usually I don’t get the cookies until Lent and I’ve often given up sweets.  So I enjoy them well into the summer and sometimes into the fall.  Pulling out a box here and there.  I really don’t buy any other cookies during the year.  Some Nilla wafers, but no Keebler, Chips Ahoy, etc.  My poor, deprived kids.

Someone once mentioned to me about feeling guilty about taking the Girl Scout cookie order form to work.  Are you kidding me?  People at work (not that I would know about this personally) depend on the office cookie order form.  How else will I you order and hide extra cookies in my your desk drawers?  Cookies that definitely won’t be eaten by your spouse or children?  Don’t EVER stop the “work” cookie order form, ever.  Just sayin’.  In case there is someone like that at your office.

And I was completely done ordering…until someone from KY approached me.  And they had different cookies on their order form!  Same baker, but different regional choice.  So I just had to order the ol’ Thank You cookie not offered in OH this year.  Who doesn’t love shortbread AND chocolate!!

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

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  1. I love a frozen thin mint – plus you can do so much with them – make a smoothie, crumble them on top of other googies, or lick the chocolate off… this is coming from a girl who has no sweet tooth… Thin mints are my crack… Samoas are my husband’s.

  2. Hubby loves broken thin mints in milk…eaten with a spoon. I prefer large quantities of trefoils and samoas when no one is looking 🙂 thanks for supporting our girl scout and let me know if you run out and need more!

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