My Favorite Apps for the Kids – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

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My kids actually aren’t on the iPad very often, but I have found a few apps that we really like and some of them are free or very cheap.  Here are our favorites (click on the names to take you to more about them):

Shape Puzzle – Let’s the kids do numerous puzzles.  Simple. 

Toy Story Read-Along – Just found this one.  And it’s FREE!  But it’s only on the iPad.  It will read the Toy Story book to you.  Plus there are ways to “color” and play games.  My favorite is the falling parachute game.

Where’s My Water? – Ok, so the kids don’t know about this one yet, but I LOVE it.  Friends told me about it last night so I downloaded it tonight and have been playing it!

Fish School – The kids love this one.  Helps them with numbers, letters, shapes and matching.

Fruit Ninja – Another one I just found out about and don’t have any feedback yet from Stella or Charlotte, but I’ve had fun with it!

The other thing my girls love are the Dr. Seuss books that are read-along.  They are definitely worth the $3-4.  Our favorite right now is Cat in the Hat – probably because we watch it on PBS.  Or I think you can get a whole Dr. Seuss set for a good deal.  In iBooks we’ve also downloaded Peter Rabbit and Axel the Truck for free lately.

What apps do your kids love? 

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  1. Ooooh I need to check these out! My 3 year old loves my iPhone and it’s a valuable tool at the babies dr appts and whatnot. I’ve got a bunch of educational games on there right now and a few not as much… angry birds and talking carl 🙂

  2. I’d kind of like an ipad, but I know my kids would spend the day begging to be on it (when they weren’t busy telling me they were hungry). We have enough trouble keeping them away from our phones as they constantly want to play Angry Birds and Icebox Doodle. There do seem to be a lot of kid-friendly and educational ipad apps though. Maybe one of these days …

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