Completely Random About Dead Fish and 31 Parties…

Random thoughts today from a tired momma.  Yes, I should be in bed.  But I just got home and needed some wind-down time first.
1. At church school on Sunday one of Stella’s friends shared with her that her fish had died.  My Stella is very sensitive and caring and so we thought it would be nice to make that friend a card to cheer her up.  Because she was apparently quite sad.  Card was made and mailed.  Friend received card and the mother informed me that the card was much appreciated and that actually the fish died in late 2010!!  Is it bad to laugh about that??  So sweet how sensitive 4 year olds can be.  And the rainbow above?  That’s heaven.
2. I just got home from a Thirty-One party.  Or should I say another Thirty-One party.  I can’t let this be my new “Target” (One month and holding strong!  Catch up HERE).  Before Henry was born I had never really heard of their stuff.  Then we got one of the best baby gifts ever – a Thirty-One Thermal bag (thanks again, you-know-who).  And now I’m hooked.  My “actual” Thirty-One rep lives out west.  Seriously.  So I sort of cheated on her tonight.  But maybe she doesn’t read the blog and she’ll never know.
3. Those of you who have been following along with my bedtime battles lately here on the blog and on the FB page…thanks so much for the comments.  I am loving them.  Apparently this is something many other people face as well.  And the answer is exactly what we are doing.  Holding strong and not giving in.  I’m not sure how she did tonight (no one was up when I got home), but she went right to bed last night without any problems.  And slept all night.
4. And for those of you following Henry’s ailments.  He did peak with a 105.5 fever this afternoon.  Just crazy.  So back to the peds and then to the lab for some blood work.  Everything is fine.  Fever went down.  Nasty virus with the ear infection.  Poor guy.  But didn’t keep him from eating 2 pieces of pizza, 1/2 a banana and some apple sauce for dinner.  So all signs are good!
5.  105.5 fevers should really freak people out, but not me.  I think I’ve said it before, but my kids run HIGH temps when they are sick.  105 just tells us it’s time to call the doc.  But we don’t rush to the ER or anything.  The doctor actually told me today that 106.5 is the scary temp and when to really worry.  Yikes.
6. It’s snowing.  And I actually hope it just piles up and up and up.  My girls deserve it.  I’d love to send them right out into the snow tomorrow morning.  Even if it’s only an inch or two.
7. I’ve found some new apps for kids that are fun and FREE.  Come back tomorrow to see the ones I pick for the Saturday Shout-Out.
Night Y’all…

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  1. too funny about the belated fish card. and 105? I think I would pee my pants-neither my girls nor myself run fevers. really, I had scarlet fever and my temp never hit 101. both my girls are the same way so if they hit 100 I know they’re sick.

  2. I used to freak out if my kids have a fever when they did NOT have an ear infection. However, my middle guy went through a period of having a 103-104 fever for about 24 hours every eight weeks or so for about a year and that taught me to stay calm.

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