Bathtub Dress Ups – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

A couple of years ago the girls received
a bathtub Barbie Dress Up toy.
They get to play with it probably once a week.
(Not every bath)
  And it will usually keep them happy
 until their fingers are completely shriveled.
Best. toy. ever.
The Barbie is actually in two pieces…
Lots of outfits to mix and match.

Well, Charlotte just got a new one for her birthday.
You can find it online HERE.
You might think, who could compete with Barbie?
This one comes with swim suits.
Lots of swim suits.
So the girls played “swim lessons”
until shriveled and wrinkled once again.

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  1. I love your blog title…Take Ten, I saw you on Bloggy Mom and had to visit your site just because of your name.

    As a mom who helps other moms, I know we don’t take enough time out for ourselves. We may take “time” but is it really nurturing time!

    I am going to make sure I visit your site often, love it!

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