25 Things

Today I’m linking up with Shaunna for her perfectlyimperfect 25 things
…thanks to these posts from the BFF and June and Bear.

1. It’s been a long 24 hours.

2. Little guy has (yet again) another ear infection.

3. Tubes are scheduled for later this month.

4.  But that didn’t help me from 10:30-4:30 last night.

5. So we visited our “family” at the pediatrician’s this morning.

6. Then we headed to Walgreens for the prescription.

7. It was going to take 20 minutes.

8. So I drove right past the next door Kroger with an instore Starbucks.

9. And went to a Starbucks further away due to the drive thru.

10. It was lunch time and Chipotle sounded good, but no drive -thru.

11.  If only they and Panera and Quizno’s and Moe’s had a drive-thru.

12. As a parent with 3 toddlers in the car most days, I miss those foods.

13.  You know, the ones without drive-thrus.

14. Then Andy came home so I could go to a meeting.

15.  That meeting was a fog due to lack of sleep.

16. Home for dinner and Andy worked a bit more.

17.  We are like two ships passing in the night lately.

18.  He escaped to a local college b-ball game.

19.  I played zone defense at home.

20.  I can’t tell you the number of time-outs I’ve called.

21.  And now Charlotte refuses to go to bed.

22.  It’s war.

23.  And I’m losing.

24.  Both my patience and my stamina.

25.  Wish me luck!

Blurry, but feeling better.
Or is it just my vision since I’m so tired?



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  1. we’re two ships here too. my mom keeps bear every MWF afternoon and all day on tuesdays and thursdays. she had surgery last week so ryan and i have been doing some pretty crazy schedule shuffling. i’ve seen him about 60 minutes this week. hope it gets better for you and little man is feeling great soon.

  2. Loved this. Especially 18 through 20. Hilarious. And being super lazy and antisocial, I’m gonna have to agree with you about the drive-thru thing. More good restaurants need drive-thru!

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