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Yesterday’s post Dear Target got quite a small conversation going on FB last night!  If you prefer being updated in your News feed, but haven’t “liked” Take 10 yet on FB, here’s a shameless plug quick link to my FB page: Take 10 with Tricia.  I promise not to clog your News feed…99% of the time I’m only adding blog post updates…and then an occasional photo or two!

No matter how you stay connected, as I reflect back on 2011, I’m so glad you are here.  And I love hearing from you – in the comments, on the FB page, from the emails you send, etc.  My blog is definitely something I enjoy and plan to continue doing in 2012.  I cannot believe the people I’ve met and things I’ve learned through blogland.  I do have some goals for my blog in 2012, but that will be another post all on its own. 

Speaking of Target, I’m set for the challenge.  Although Thrifty Decor Chick isn’t helping.  From her post yesterday about Target Luv, I linked over to 320 Sycamore’s post about Target and those little clocks are TOO CUTE!  My immediate thought was to go from Target to Target looking for them.  Then I remembered the break-up and snapped back to reality.  So if any of YOU are at Target soon and see those retro clocks, I want two of them.  Thank you very much.

Speaking of other bloggers…have any of you read My Life and Kids?  Anna’s local to the Cincinnati area and I stumbled upon her a couple of weeks ago.  She’s really funny.  If you want to follow her, “like” her on FB too!  I love her recent post entitled Five Ways to be a Good Friend.  And be sure to check her A Letter to My Family post as well.  Could have written that one myself!

My Life and Kids

And let me just apologize now for not being a good enough friend to some of you according to Anna.  I’ll promise to be better in 2012.  I did show everyone my dining room last year, remember?  And I confessed to having a housecleaner.  And I still get my produce delivered weekly from Green Bean Delivery which definitely reduces grocery store time and trips in general.  So for those of you that say, “How do you do it all?”  I DON’T.  Especially since I work, I have to find short-cuts and tricks to do things while I’m away from the house during the day.  Not saying it’s any easier to be home at all, but I can’t throw in that load of laundry from my cubicle!  So I promise even more transparency in 2012.

Speaking of transparency, homemade chicken noodle soup anyone?  Well, the truth is that it’s semi-homemade, but still delicious.  I just updated the recipe HERE.

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