I’m Still Here

A random post without a picture to let you know

I survived the entry of the new year!




We had a low-key New Year’s Eve at our house.
The neighbors came over.

City BBQ was eaten.

The guys went to the XU game.

The ladies chatted.

The children played.


As was the Amaretto Slush I’ll be trying to duplicate this weekend!




My tree is still up.

The other decorations are sitting on my dining room table.

And floor.

The MIL arrives tomorrow.

Daughter-in-law fail as far as keeping my house in order.




The tree is still up because instead of taking it down Monday…

I went on a LONG coffee date (thanks BFF)

and then when I returned

Andy went and saw a movie.

Time well spent.




I’m working on my list of 2012 resolutions.

But you can see from my “20 by 20” blog tab…

that it might take awhile to commit to that list.




Due to thoughts of above list,

I’m reflecting a lot on my recent addictions:


Cherry Coke



Too many hobbies and/or commitments


What to cut in 2012?

What to improve upon?

What to add?


Your goals for 2012?


Stay tuned for mine!


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