Friday Funnies

A few funnies for you today…including the pictures above.  Yes, she is ALWAYS dressed like that at home.  And yes, Henry is always looking at me like “You are not going to save me?  You’re just going to take a photo?  HELP!”
Charlotte last night: I’ve got the hick-bugs.
Followed by lots of hiccuping and laughing and repeating of HICK-BUGS really loud.
Stella (very serious): Yep, I’m pretty smart.  I’m just like Simon in the Chipmunks.  And we both wear glasses.
Andy: Really?
Stella (even more serious, contemplating the question): Well, actually, I’m more like Jeanette.
Me: Oh, Etta James died?
Co-worker: Yep.
Me: At last?
(Come on, that made giggle, right?  Or did we only laugh because it’s 4:00 on a Friday?)
Best FB update today from a friend (SO TRUE): The song “It’s Five O’Clock in the Morning” was obviously written about people in their 20s.  How about we write a song for the 30-somethings.  “It’s five o’clock in the morning; my kid just came in my bedroom; here I thought she was sleepin’ and then she came creepin’!” 
Interesting Pinterest find = Cute Baby Shower Cake?  I think not.   Creepy?  I think YES.
Have a great weekend!
Finding the Funny with My Life and Kids

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  1. LOL! Great saturday evening laughs (little late catching up on all my new blogs! Thank you SITS31DBBB!). And I totally thing “Hick-bugs” is totally appropriate to describe the noises of some hiccup fits I have had. Adorable.

  2. OMG! That cake is absolutely horrifying. It may give me nightmares, for realz. And I LOVE the look on Henry’s face in that second picture; your description of it made me laugh out loud. Adorable!

  3. Hahaha!! I really loved your Etta James joke. I mean, that was good. You had to say it. I also love “hickbugs” but not the cake. With you there!

    (Thanks for linking up with the #findingthefunny party. Hope you come back next week!)

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