Fighting the Nature-Deficit Disorder

Did you know that there is apparently something called Nature-Deficit Disorder?  Seriously, it’s right HERE on wikipedia defined as the trend that kids are spending less time outside.  I even received a free book on it once at a parenting conference, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder.  I haven’t read the book or I’d let you know more about it. 
Point is…I do believe in getting my kids outside as much as possible.  Ok, so really as much as convenient.  I love to be outside and think it does them so much good to get some fresh air.  Even when it’s cold.  And I’ve tried to focus on this more this year. 
I think I personally use the “cold” excuse when it’s just not convenient.  Since the kids are little and still need serious outdoor supervision, it’s easier to get outside in the summer when I can do some yard work as well.  But the winter?  It’s just too “cold”.  Heck, we send our kids out in the snow to play all day, right?  But when it’s 40 and sunny, it’s too “cold”?  I know I’ve thought that a time or two.
So we’ve bundled up on a couple of cold days lately (when it’s stopped raining…where is the SNOW??) and headed out.  Even if it’s only been for 30-45 minutes.  Today we headed over to Sharon Woods late in the afternoon.  Unfortunately the sun disappeared and the wind kicked up and it was really cold!  However, it just kept us moving.  We played on the playground, took a nature walk, and hit the swings before heading back to the car.  The kids smiled the whole time.
The highlight of the trip was seeing the ducks in the creek.  I so wish I had my video camera or my big Nikon with me.  Henry was priceless.  Pointing and screaming “Duck!  Duck!  Duck!” a thousand times.  And his facial expressions really should have been caught on camera.  Andy was lucky to get the one shot above on his Blackberry.
What else did we notice?  The parking lot was crowded though only saw one other family outside.  However, I bet the indoor playground was packed.

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  1. Hooray for getting outside! I dpn’t have kids yet but I don’t want to get nature-deficit disorder myself! I always try to make sure I spend time outside. Our puppies love the cold, so they make me go even if I don’t want to.

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