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  1. I started the day reading this great post “I’m a Good Mother, You’re a Good Mother” that is going around on FB.  It’s now got me thinking even more about this motherhood thing and why it is such a friendly competition.  I was even talking to Nutmeg tonight and some future blog posts are now swirling in my head.
  2. Then I skipped out of work early to go see “New Year’s Eve” with Andy (calm down, it was a scheduled 1/2 vacation day).  Not sure what’s going on with my hormones or maybe it’s just sleep deprivation, but I was already sobbing my eyes out during the previews.  Tom Hanks + Sandra Bullock + 9/11 had me in fits.  Didn’t get better with the movie…but I LOVED it.  Definitely on par with both “Love Actually” and “Valentine’s Day”.  Just be warned…bring the tissues.
  3. Then we picked up the kids and came home to make dinner.  Charlotte ran upstairs to grab something out of her room.  Where she peed.  In her panties.  In her bed.  And then proceeded to run all around her room, down the hall, down the steps and leave PUDDLES on the kitchen floor with every footstep before telling us what happened.
  4. Trying to figure out that Nutmeg thing I typed up there in #1?  New to Nutmeg?  Remember Nutmeg?  (Feel free to catch up on her somewhat controversial posts HERE and HERE) I know some of you were disappointed that she didn’t make it to the cookie exchange.  Well, she had her 3rd baby this week…a boy!  And he’s adorable.
  5. I know he’s adorable because I got to hold him tonight.  For almost an hour.  And the absolute best part? I didn’t want to bring him home with me.  Months later I am at complete peace without baby #4.
  6. Then I got home from the hospital and made cookies with my girls.  A real first for Charlotte since they were not slice, let child put on cookie sheet, and bake.  They had ingredients, needed a mixing bowl and everything.  She did great rolling out the balls and then rolling them in sugar.  Stella was a pro (her 3rd batch) and quickly helped Charlotte get it right.

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  1. Tricia there is only one way to get back at that girl…when you are old you’ll take off your attends and “accidentally” tinkle all over her new house! Tad evil but well worth the wait.
    As for the competition, it is a waste of time. Our kids will just find some flaw in our parenting no matter how brilliant we were at it. That is why we have been saving for therapy sessions vs. college fund. Hehehe

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