Naughty or Nice? I Think I Have One of Each…


It’s no secret that Charlotte has given us a lot less confidence when it comes to our parenting skills.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you apparently are a new reader/friend.  Click HERE and HERE for some background.  Overall, things are better as she gets closer to turning three.  However, she is still feisty and stubborn and a great back-talker.

We’ve tried every parenting approach with her…postive parenting, time-outs, redirection, proactive parenting, being nice, being mean.  There is no consistency with what works for her.  One day alone-time and being soothing works, but the next day that causes her to thrash, kick, and dump her dresser and closet.  Andy and I have learned a lot about patience and how siblings can be so very different.
We’ve talked to her daycare director, pediatrician and others.  Nothing triggers a “condition”.  It apparently really is the terrible twos and I’ve been warned about the trying threes and reminded that Stella was quite the exception to toddler behavior.
Her teachers say she also acts like other kids in the class.  In fact, she still is usually really good at school.  Until recently when she’s gone through some transitions…new room, new teachers.  What works for them one day also doesn’t work the next.  Last week her teacher was trying to soothe her by just loving on her…hugs, etc. which worked the day before.  Charlotte finally freed herself from the woman and screamed “WALK AWAY FROM ME!”  So it’s not just us.
Just the other day I was trying to get her to do something and had to explain consequences, yet again. 
Me: Charlotte, if you don’t ABC, then XYZ is going to occur.
Charlotte: If you don’t ABC, then I won’t be your best friend anymore!
I wanted to scream “Parents aren’t supposed to be your friends!!” but I refrained.
Me: Charlotte, I’m serious.  If you don’t ABC, then XYZ is going to occur.
Charlotte: Then I’m going to take all of your clothes and give them back to grandma!
I laughed and then she laughed.  And then cooperated.  Thank goodness…otherwise I might be naked right now.

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  1. Annie read my mind, especially regarding Henry! I’m anxious to see what my third child will be like, especially since he’s perpetually in motion already and trying to change him/put him to sleep etc is like wrestling an alligator!

  2. Tricia – This is awesome! Is it mean of me to be happy that others go through the same challenges? This is one of the big reasons people should have more than one child — to not take the blame (or credit) for how their kids are. They come out how they come out, and we love them for it! You are doing a GREAT job!

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