Inappropriate Elves and Bacon and Such

Lots of both holiday and normal business around here lately.  Stella stayed home with me today and we blew up Pinterest.  As in we checked off at least 3 items I had pinned in the holiday craft department.  We need some little hands (Charlotte & Henry) to finish up a few things tomorrow, but look forward to a crafty post soon.  And, of course, when we ran into the daycare director this afternoon and she asked what we’d been doing all day…Stella remembered the “craft with daddy’s beer”.  NICE.  I’ll have pictures of that as well…but don’t want to ruin anyone’s gift surprise.

I also had 2 book clubs this week – last night at church and tonight with work friends.  When telling the girls goodbye and to be good for bedtime Charlotte replied quizically, “Again?!?”  Daddy replied, “Exactly.”  I’ve gotten some evening time-off this week and it’s been much appreciated.  Tonight I made the bacon crisps pictured above.  YUMMY.  Click HERE to get the recipe.

And back to the Elf on the Shelf.  I wrote a bit about why we don’t do it in Wednesday’s post.  Here’s an even better post about the Elf.  Baby Rabies’ Inappropriate and Traumatizing Elf on the Shelf post is HILARIOUS.  She even has pictures.  Check it out.  (While you’re visiting be sure to see her picture HERE on Should I Tell Him Maxi Pads Aren’t Bandaids? post as well.)

The part of her Elf post I think is the best is below because she explains it so perfectly:

Okay, so the deal is this Elf is to watch the kids every day (from about Thanksgiving until Christmas) and report back to Santa every night. That’s how he knows if they’re naughty or nice… so the tale goes.

Oh, but it’s not that simple.

Because we all know that “Christmas Magic” doesn’t just happen on it’s own without the help of Elf Mom and Elf Dad. And really awesome Elf Parents don’t just move the Elf every night so that the kids can look for it the next day. Really awesome Elf Parents come up with really creative, cute, funny things for their Elf to “do” every night.

Now, every night before I drift off to sleep, I sit straight up in bed in a panic. “Ugh, that fucking elf,” I huff as I throw the covers off of me and go to move him to another boring spot.

Amen, Sister.  That’s EXACTLY why my house lacks an Elf.  I’ve got too many crafts to craft, recipes to photo, children to tend to, etc. in my life…no room to manage an elf-ing ELF.

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