Holiday Follies – Saturday’s Shout-Out

Today Andy and I took Stella to see the Children’s Theatre Holiday Follies at the Taft.  It was really good.  Having not been before, we were unsure how Charlotte would do.  And at $20/person, we didn’t want to take the risk since a 30-minute cartoon won’t hold her interest more than the opening song.  But I think she will definitely be ready next year after seeing the production ourselves.  It was only an hour and song after song after song with lots of dancing.
For those of you who have been before, is it the same every year?  I was not expecting it to be Cincinnati-focused, but loved that aspect of it.  It was fun how they incorporated the zoo, Krohn, Fountain Square, etc. 
If you’ve never been, don’t expect the Radio City Rockettes.  This is definitely geared towards children and know that there will be toddler chatter in the audience and kids getting up to potty.  However, the distractions during our show today were minimal.
Overall Stella gave it a 2-thumbs up! 
I only left with one question unanswered…just what kind of elf punch was Mrs. Claus drinking beforehand?  Because  I really want some of that!  If you see the show, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.  And no, she did not seem drunk…just very spirited.

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