Handmade Christmas Gifts & Gifts that Keep Giving


Last night while catching up on the end of this season’s Boardwalk Empire (holy cow that show will make you ill and I cannot imagine the season finale that we still have left to watch) and then an episode of The Good Wife I got to make the two headbands above.  They are going to be Christmas gifts for a co-worker’s twin nieces.  To match some shoes.  But not just any shoes, Toms Youth Glitters!  She bought a turquoise pair (shown below but look more silvery) and a red pair so we matched up some ribbon and added a shiny silver ribbon to get some sparkle in the headbands as well.
I think handmade gifts and gifts that keep giving (Toms gives a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase made) are awesome.  I know some people that solely shopped handmade and local and supporting a cause for Christmas.  And I really enjoyed the customized hair accessories I put together for people.
However, I admit, I did not shop that way.  I still purchased Barbie, Disney Princess babies, DVDs, video games, etc.  I made a few items and bought a lot of gift cards.  I think next year I’ll add a few more handmade things to the gift-giving list.  I’d like to balance it out a bit more.
You?  What kind of gifts were on your giving list?

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  1. You did such a great job with the headbands; the girls will love them! Also can’t wait to host the TOMS giveaway on my blog soon… love that organization! 🙂


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