Great Green Room…in Real Life!

Today the girls and I spent the day with my dad who is in town visiting from Florida.  We went all over the place…Price Hill Chili, Mt. Echo Park, the Levee (Dewey’s, of course), Krohn Conservatory and finished up at the zoo to meet Andy and Henry for the Festival of Lights.  But one of the best parts of the day? 
The Great Green Room!  In. real. life.
We picked up my dad’s girlfriend at her business in Fort Thomas after lunch.  She was off for the afternoon and first wanted to take the girls to a local bookstore, The Blue Marble.  It was quaint.  Tons of childrens’ books in rooms of an old house.  It seemed to be all on the first level.  I loved it.  It was well organized and they had a train table for entertainment, etc.  Then we were told we could check out the room upstairs…the Goodnight Moon room.  What?  Yep!
It was AMAZING.  The owner himself followed us up, took a seat, and read the book, making sure that the kids (mine and another family’s) found all of the related items in the “real” room that they were reading in the book as they went along page by page.  The girls loved it.

So if you are ever over that way (heck, go there just because), be sure to stop in and check it out.  And buy a book or two or more (we left with two new Elephant and Piggie books – if you have not heard of these run out and get either Can I Play Too? or We Are in a Book right now – NOW – and a Llama Llama Mad at Mama book – because yes, Charlotte was mad at me and it just fit the moment). 
Buy something.  Because I really hope and pray that there never comes a day when the only choices we have are Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  Today was definitely an experience you might not find elsewhere.
For hours and directions and to learn more about The Blue Marble, click HERE.

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