After Christmas Shopping

So, most of you know by now that I LOVE a good bargain.  Yes, I’ve already purchased a few items for Christmas 2012.  I know, CRAZY!  But when I find something that’s perfect for someone AND it’s a good deal, I’m sold.  Or if I know it’s something I’m going to be purchasing next November (like a holiday shirt for the girls’ stockings) and I find one on clearance now and I know it will fit, I’m sold.
However, in my old age, I won’t fight the crowds and chaos anymore.  I did not go out shopping the day after Christmas because I knew everyone else who had the day off would be there as well.  And I heard it was just nuts.  All for only 50% off.  😉
Last night I ran out to Kohl’s quickly for a return and was pleased that no one was there at 8:00.  However, neither was the Christmas clearance.  It was GONE.  Picked-over and scarce…a broken ornament or two left behind.  I was there 10 minutes.  Same at my Target.  I was bummed. 
This morning on my way to work I popped into another Target and Kmart to see what was left.  SCORE.  Tons of items and just what I was looking for.  Cookie Exchange prize stuff, holiday t-shirts for the girls and ornaments for next year’s grandparent gift craft at the Target and then LOTS of holiday books at the Kmart. 
Speaking of holiday books.  Let me digress.  Remember how I wrapped all the holiday books and we were going to open 1 each day?  Well…it was AWESOME!  Best. idea. ever.  We didn’t do it every day.  Sometimes we forgot and sometimes the privilege was lost due to behavior.  And we usually opened 2 at a time – each girl unwrapped one.  And I don’t think we EVER had to read a book twice.  Which was perfect for us.  Last year the girls got so stuck on the Disney Princess holiday book that we missed out on so many of the other great books we have.  So I definitely wanted to pick up a few more.  Here are some of what I found today at 50% off (all photos from Amazon):

So back to my shopping this morning.  Items were still only 50% off, but exactly what I was looking for.  The Target (Hunt Road, ladies!) was actually re-stocking pallets and pallets of holiday items.  I overheard the workers telling each other that the price slashing would most likely be on Friday.  That’s when I’ll head back for wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags.  I ran completely out this year and it’s time to restock.
So, do you stock up on anything for next year? 
Or are you finished with the holiday shopping for good?

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  1. I’ve been looking but haven’t bought much. I would have loved to pick up more Christmas stuff as I hate to spend money on that stuff. Our Target had alot of gift wrap. You would have scored there!

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