A Little Bird Told Me

I get an email every morning from the Brave Girls Club.  Click HERE to sign up to get yours.  It’s quite eery how they often (and I mean almost every day) completely relate to exactly what I need to hear (or read).  This one yesterday was so chilling awesome I wanted to share it with you. 

Dear Precious Girl,

You go and you go and you go…and so often, you still feel like you have not done nearly enough.

Please, dear friend…please let yourself feel at peace once you have done all that you can do.

The world will not stop, it will not ruin anyone’s life, you will not lose your standing or your friends or your family if you stop and rest when you need to stop and rest.  Sometimes you simply forget that you are not a machine, that you are not a robot, and that you have limitations when it comes to your energy…just like everyone does.

Give yourself a break, lovely girl. Recharge, rest, restore and renew.  Fill yourself back up so that you can keep shining that beautiful, radiant life of yours.

You are so very loved.

A message from your friends at the Brave Girls Club – www.bravegirlsclub.com

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  1. I agree with Krista. I also wish there was a similar daily affirmation site for men who need to be reminded of things like “slow down” and more.

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