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So what many of you already know very well (because you are a victim to my ways), some of you might not know.  I cannot live without enjoy social gatherings.  To the extent that I’m always planning them.  Constantly.  And my dear patient husband puts up with this.  Constantly.
As if our lives weren’t chaos enough, I purposely add things to our calendar.  And I’m often almost always the creator of these events.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a double date, girls night out or an entire family gathering…I have no bias to the event type.  I just need social interaction with others that don’t live under my roof (and work does not count) and if I don’t get enough of it, I start planning something. 
Family Friendly Neighborhood Halloween Party…check.  Upcoming Christmas Cookie Exchange…check.  Girls Night Out this Saturday…check. 
Girls Night Out for Twilight Breaking Dawn and dinner?  Um, oh yes I did.  For the first time in my life, I pre-ordered a movie ticket.  To me it’s less about the movie (ok, I really do want to see it) and more about 8-10 women getting together afterwards for dinner. 
And you?  Social butterfly?  Or would you rather stay comfy cozy in a cocoon?  What’s your preference?

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  1. Love, love, love to be social but have gotten out of the habit of making plans and bringing people together. Your post is inspiring to put some things on the calendar!

  2. I like a nice balance of both. I like social gatherings with those I’m comfortable with. I still get a little nervous when I’m around new folks. But I don’t like a full calendar. I can be a homebody too.

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