Whatcha Might Not Know…Christmas Shopping

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This “photo” was posted today on Facebook and it definitely made me laugh.  Not sure of the actual origin.  I particularly liked one comment, “We should start an Occupy Christmas movement…”
However, whatcha might not know is that I’m the one that LOVES to get my Christmas shopping finished (or at least 90% complete) by Halloween.  This year?  SUCCESS.  Luckily I’m still in a phase where I can hide things in the house without the kids searching for the gifts.  I’m also in a phase where toys are the objects of affection and easy to choose.  Plus, we are still in the “cheap” phase…no electronic requests…YAY!  And we’ve dwindled down the gift-giving between relatives…basically kids only.
I wrote all about our Christmas gift-giving traditions HERE back in 2009.  It’s pretty much stayed the same except now we have Henry to add to all of it!  So we do one Santa gift and three gifts from us.  Keeps it from going overboard.  What do you do?
As far as the Christmas decorations, music, etc.?  I used to think it was ridiculous to be out so early.  But then it just made me irritated to fight it and I’d get all worked up over it.  But finally I noticed people are generally happier during the holiday season.  And I like happy people.  So if the music and decor etc. is doing some good…bring it on!  As long as you still observe Thanksgiving and all you’re thankful for, I don’t care if you celebrate Christmas all year long.

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  1. I usually start early November because I like to buy handmade and you need to order in time for delivery. I’m always still shopping for last minute items though. I usually wait on decor until the first weekend in December, but I’m already planning things out.

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