The Time Change Isn’t All Bad…

Boy our weekend was rough.  Time change, snotty noses, teething baby, toddler tantrums, long car trips, road construction, late nights, too much sugar…I could play the blame game for hours.
And by this evening after a long day at daycare, my kids were exhausted.  Plus, we switched to Mondays for swim lessons.  And it was a transition week…new swim teachers, new time, new level of class.  Charlotte graduated to the 3-year old class a bit early (since Fish is her middle name) and little Henry finally got to get in the pool instead of being strapped into the stroller watching behind the glass.
So, did I get a picture of the little guy’s first swim lesson?  As a parent of three, of course not!  But I did get this photo of them afterwards when we pulled into the garage.  All. wiped. out.  And there was not one bit of resistance for bedtime.  From anyone.  For the first time in weeks.  THANK YOU TIME CHANGE…I knew you couldn’t be all bad.

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  1. Nothing sweeter than three sleeping kids in their carseats! Sunday was a SUPER LONG day at our house, post time change, but I feel fortunate that it wasn’t long and miserable, just long!

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