The Questions Never End…At Any Stage

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They begin at the very beginning and are around for every stage of life.
The questions that can be oh. so. annoying.
And how old are you?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Where are you going to college?
Do you have a boyfriend?
What is your major?
Do you have a boyfriend?
When will you graduate?
When are you getting married?
When are you having a baby?
When is your due date?
Why did you pick that name?
When are you having another baby?
Whose mom are you?
Are you having another baby?
Why aren’t you having another baby?
Oh, you are so-and-so’s mom?
“Mommy, why…blah, blah, blah this?”
“Mommy, why…blah, blah, blah that?”
Honey, what’s for dinner?
 What questions did I forget???

4 Responses to The Questions Never End…At Any Stage

  1. When are you going back to work?

    Aren’t you bored?

    Don’t you miss real work?

    Has your brain turned to mush?

    Aren’t you going to use your degree?

    Mommy, Can I have….?

    When are you going to buy a house?

    Why are you renting?

    Are you nursing?

    How long do you plan to nurse?

    Do you have any “real” kids? – said to an adoptive parent – really.

    Are you crazy? YES!


  2. Why mommy? (to EVERYTHING)

    Whatcha doing mommy? (even when you are obviously using the potty)

    Mom, where’s my…? (always when you are in a rush)

    Plus the foster/adoptive parent questions are numerous.

  3. Will you have kids right away?
    Will they go to public or private school?
    Do you want more than one kid?
    How far apart?
    Do you think you’ll send them to daycare?

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