The Good Life – A Reminder "from" Ali

I’m sitting at my computer crying my eyes out tonight.  Out of heartbreak.  For a woman and her family.  A woman I don’t even know.  Ali.  Her story has been all over Facebook lately, particularly here locally.  Ali died last week.  From cancer.  She was only 31.  And had a loving husband and a 1-year old precious daughter.  Although I didn’t know her, I’ve been affected by her and her sister’s blog.  Particularly tonight due to a post that included Ali’s husband’s letter to her that he read at the funeral.  Go ahead.  Check it out.  But be prepared to cry your eyes out.  Click HERE to get to it. 

The comments are just as emotional.  Comments from family, comments from strangers.  People are hugging their spouses tighter today, kissing kids longer, bringing people flowers.  All because of Ali.  1200 people stood in line to say goodbye to her.  Standing room only at her pink-infested funeral.  And now she’s still bouncing off of people all around the internet.  An angel sending a reminder to us all…Life is Good.  Hug your loved ones.  Be happy.

One of the favorite songs in our house right now is One Republic’s Good Life.  And pieces of the lyrics just scream out to me…”this has gotta be the good life”, “the hope is we have so much to feel good about”, and “what is there to complain about?”.

Today has been a rough day in my small world for various reasons.  But sitting down and reading about Ali’s funeral in her sister’s latest post put things into perspective…I have nothing to complain about.  Just look at those pictures again at the top of this blog post.  I’ve got the good life.  For sure.

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  1. I don’t have the mental and emotional strength to click over and read that letter, but I’m always trying to remind myself that my life is so very good, perfect just the way it is … even on days when it doesn’t feel that way.

  2. I read the letter and I cried my eyes out too. So sad and so sweet at the same time. Stories like this do make you realize that your life could change in an instant and to treasure what you have and where you are right now. I hate that I need that reminder sometimes, but i guess it’s only human. I sure hope that Olivia will be surrounded by all of those supportive friends and family as she grows too!


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