Signs I’m Drinking Too Much

Three conversations WITH MY TODDLERS I’ve had since Friday:

Mommy: (Friday morning) Time to get up…after school and dinner we may go to Aunt So-and-So’s (insert neighbor’s name) house to meet some other neighbors.
Stella: So you can drink some wine with her?

Mommy: (Singing along to song in the car on the way to Kroger)
Charlotte: What’s your favorite drink?
Mommy: I’m not sure, what do you think?
Charlotte: Mommy juice. (= wine)
Mommy: Oh, really.
Charlotte: Or beer.  You like daddy’s beer.

Stella: Mommy, what food don’t you like?
Mommy: I’m not sure there’s a food I don’t like. (which is a problem!)
Stella: Well, you didn’t like that wine last week.
(She’s right, I dumped a cheap bottle that was YUCK. Didn’t even save to cook with.)


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