Top 10 Things I Should Care About But Don’t

So last week I shared with you the Top 10 Things I’m really anal about when it comes to my kids.  Click HERE to revisit those.  I then promised you that I’d share the things I don’t care about this week.  Some of them I really should care about more, but I just don’t.  Or they are “rules” or another mom’s pet peeves I just never followed and didn’t lose any sleep over either!
  1. Food.  I talked a lot about it last week.  However, I really don’t care if it’s organic.  “But, wait” you are saying…”don’t you get your ORGANIC produce delivered to your door?”  I get produce delivered.  That’s what is key….DELIVERED.  Most of it is truly organic, but that’s just an added bonus.  If I’m picking up Chiquitas at the grocery, they are generally not organic.
  2. And remember how I mentioned they have to eat 90% before dessert.  As long as most of the meal is finished, they get dessert.  Every night.  We love treats.  And usually they completely finish the meal after the dessert. 
  3. I gave my kids the “unsafe” foods as soon as possible – eggs, peanut butter, etc.  Rice cereal with a bit of PB…yum yum.  Just kidding!  I waited a bit longer than that, but jumped on the chance to see if the kid was staying in the family or not.  Momma cannot live without PB.
  4. I let my kids eat food off of the floor.  All. the. time.  We don’t have a dog…who else is going to clean it up?
  5. I let my babies sleep on their stomachs.  All of them.  Charlotte and Henry preferred it the most.  I used one of those Angel monitors with Charlotte for one night.  But she set it off every 2 minutes scooting around the crib on her belly so that was the end of that.
  6. I also let my kids sleep with blankets and lovies once they could roll over.  Refused to put bumpers in the crib, but let the baby sleep with 5 blankies.  Makes no sense, I know.
  7. I’m not overly concerned about chemicals.  Do I clean the bathroom WHILE they are in the tub?  No.  But I probably should pay more attention to what chemicals my kids are exposed to.
  8. But then again, I’m not bathing my kids every night.  Swim lessons count as a bath.  And always will.
  9. Music lyrics.  Someday maybe it will come back to bite me that Stella LOVES Bob Marley, Lady Gaga, Sheryl Crow, Blackeyed Peas, etc.  But am I supposed to listen to Laurie Berkner every car trip??
  10. My kids go to daycare.  We love hand-me-downs.  I am too frugal to spend Gymboree prices on clothes that get ruined at daycare.
If you haven’t yet read Dwija’s Top 10 Tips for New Moms, be sure to do so.  At least the first two (and then I know you’ll have to keep reading).  The first one didn’t shock me, because I thought of a worse situation.  And then she came in with #2.  I will definitely NOT admit to knowing that holding a squirming one year old on a local Kroger toilet is much harder than holding a newborn on same toilet.  Nope, wouldn’t know.  Not at all.  Quit laughing.  You know you’ve been there.

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  1. I should really care about correcting my picky eaters instead of giving into it. Ryan and I declared that we are taking back control next week (after we can make a grocery store run and meal plan). And June rolled over to her tummy at 3 or 4 weeks. I freaked out a bit, but then decided to go with it. I think I put the blankets in around 8 months.

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