Top 10 Shows I’m Watching This Season

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  1. Revenge – I am really enjoying this new show on ABC
  2. How I Met Your Mother – This show just keeps on going; Andy and I actually declared it better than Friends the other night…I know!
  3. Boardwalk Empire – Although I like the show, I just have such a hard time seeing “Nucky” as a love interest
  4. The Good WifeHave not started this season yet on DVR
  5. GleeHave not started this season yet on DVR and heard it’s not good??
  6. The Big C – Very behind on the DVR
  7. Suburgatory – The first episode was good
  8. Person of Interest – Andy’s watching this one and really likes it; it’s his lunch show!
  9. Fringe – So I’m like 25 episodes behind.  Not kidding.  But I did like it a lot and plan to catch up.  Soon.  Really soon.  Or Andy’s threatening to delete it off of the DVR.  He REALLY wants to switch to HD, but I don’t want to wipe out the DVR just yet.  For any of you that watch it, well, I’m back at the point where there are suddenly two Olivia’s and they are switched.  Yep, that far behind.
  10. Here are the other shows that aren’t “in season” right now, but I love them as well: 30 Rock, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, So You Think You Can Dance, and Entourage.  Oh crap.  Entourage really isn’t returning, is it?  Well, only to the big screen. 

I was actually interested in Two and a Half Men, but thought that Ashton Kutcher totally disappointed in the first two episodes.  So I’ve completely written that one off. 

And yes, I know we are TOTALLY MISSING OUT by not watching Modern Family.  Maybe Santa will bring Season One.  But then again, Season One of Mad Men never got unwrapped from last Christmas.

You??  What are you watching?? 

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7 Responses to Top 10 Shows I’m Watching This Season

  1. Better than Friends?! That’s blasphemy!

    I am enjoying Suburgatory, but could see it getting old after a season. And, of course, LOOOOOVE Modern Family.

  2. Parenthood is one of my favorits. I also like Hawaii Five O. Dont have enough time to add any new shows. Modern Family and the Middle are hilarious.

  3. Annie…I know! Do you watch HIMYM?
    Kara…definitely a guilty pleasure.
    Amber…Parenthood! Another one we watched a few episodes of and then couldn’t keep up.
    Krista…I must catch up on Glee…coworker seconded your comment.

    People are also recommending New Girl…anyone watching?

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