Gut-Busting All the Way

When Andy and I were driving back from Sedona to Phoenix lunch time crept up on us…and I was starving.  There isn’t much on the drive.  Lots of truck stops and gas stations.  And I just hate “normal” fast food – McD’s, Wendy’s, etc.  But nothing truly healthy to be seen.  Then we saw a sign for Denny’s.  Healthy?  No.  But scrambled eggs sounded yummy, so we thought…what-the-heck?

Holy cow!  I think I took 2 years off of my life by what little I did end up eating.  I remember why I haven’t been there in about 13 years.  Nasty.  Greasy.  My stomach churns right now just rethinking it.  If you are a Denny’s eater…STOP.  S!T!O!P!  For the sake of your arteries, I beg you to stop.  I chose the Bacon Avocado Egg Burrito and had to pull the shell off because it was just drippin’ in butter/grease/who knows what.  And I am unhappy to report it was about 1000 calories and 60 fat!  Barf.

On the way out the door I caught a glimpse of their current promotion – Let’s Get Cheesy.  I just had to take photographic evidence of this garbage.  Look below.  Yep, that says “mac ‘n cheese ON a patty melt” and there is a fried cheese melt.  Tonight Andy and I saw a commercial for the patty melt and it reminded me that I hadn’t posted this yet. 

Full confession…we walked out the door and straight to Dairy Queen next door.  I needed some dairy to wash down that grease.  Ugh.  And tonight I’m feeling a bit similar.  But because I ate a huge calzone at lunch and then way too much kettle corn tonight that we purchased at the fall festival this weekend.  Ugh again. 

Moral of the story…please don’t eat like this EVERY day.  Don’t let the waitress know your name because of your repeat visits.  But remember tomorrow is a new day and there’s always a chance to make better food choices.  And thank goodness this cheesy shit is for a limited time only.

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