Friday 7 Quick Takes

Don’t forget #6…it’s worth it.  Unless you have only one kid.  Then I probably offended you. 

  1. I’m back.
  2. I’m tired.  Shouldn’t a break from blogging, a vacation to Sedona, etc. have made me rested, refreshed, rejuvenated?  Huh?  Ha! 
  3. My Charlotte has been in panties for an entire WEEK.  YAY!  And only 2 accidents at home and one at daycare.  One on our patio (she must have known that the lack of parties this year also meant the lack of urine and vomit on the patio…previous culprits = you know who you are and which of your kids contributed in the past) and one in the car AFTER I pulled into the garage tonight and AFTER I opened her door and was right there to pull her out…”mom, I just peed, right now”…REALLY? 
  4. Due to #3….I washed the car seat cover.  Did you gasp?  Because apparently it’s gasp-worthy to some moms because I guess you are not supposed to wash a car seat cover?  I ask again, REALLY?  Do you know what your kid smears, wipes, etc. on that thing?  And can you imagine what I found underneath it??  Wow.
  5. I know all of you FB followers were probably anxiously awaiting this promised post all…day…long.  Sorry it’s so late.  I ran away from home after dinner.  My kids drove me to drink.  With the neighbor.
  6. So she told me a story about a man she knows who is a new dad.  Said dad was in charge of 7-month old one morning by himself.  Neighbor Skyped with this new dad.  During about 15-20 minutes of Skype…every 5 minutes the dad said, “hold on, I have to move (insert baby’s name) to her new station” and friend watched this guy move perfectly content baby from exersaucer to play mat to bouncer, etc.  Then he had to go because “it’s time for reading”.   I could go so many directions with this thanks to Stella (the beer, not my own first-born), but will not.  I’ll just say that these were Henry’s three “stations” this evening: 1) entertain yourself while I make dinner and start laundry, 2) entertain yourself while I help your sisters in the bathroom and with washing hands, 3) entertain yourself while I clean up after dinner.  I think he’ll be fine.
  7. No photo tonight…see #2 & #5.

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  1. I just heard my cousin talk about setting her 6 month old daughter in “stations” throughout the day and giggled to myself about it. I wonder if it’s the latest thing someone made up (who doesn’t have kids) and put in the recent parenting magazines? As a new mom of one, I probably would have done something like that but the more “seasoned” parent you become the more you realize that your kids will survive without such “learning stations”!


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