7 Quick Takes Friday: The One With Baby Rabies

  1. Many of you know I’ve birthed 3 children.  Within 3 years.  There are TONS of books about getting pregnant, being pregnant and then raising your children.  My question is why isn’t anyone making sure you read the books about what happens to your body after 3 babies DESTROY it?  I’m sure someone has written about it, but where?  My BFF knows some of my most unfortunate moments and sent me to baby rabies this week.  I had to stop reading the post at work because I was CRYING.  Both from laughter and from remembering way too recent situations I’m still trying to block from my mind.  It’s gory…but real-life for some women.  Read it for yourself HERE.
  2. On a happier note, I am still using Pinterest and loving every minute of it.  One of my favorite’s this week is the Darth Vader Mood Chart.
  3. And I really want to make some of these fabric knot bracelets!
  4. Are you still recovering from that post on baby rabies?  I know, I know.
  5. So I joined twitter and actually tweeted.  The 4 followers finally had something to read from me.  If interested, you can follow me here for more professional things and here for more mommy things.  I didn’t think it’d be very appropriate to tweet things like the baby rabies post to my professional contacts.  There’s definitely a line between HR Professional responsible for Executive Leadership Education and mommy of three and her tampon issues. 
  6. Leading a double life can be exhausting (see #5 if you are skipping around). 
  7. Seriously, go read baby rabies.  If anything, it will make you more thankful of your “normal” monthly situation if you’ve never experienced the super soaker shuffle.  Because I’m backing her up.  And there should be a support group.

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  1. i didn’t have the super soaker shuffle — i had hot flashes at age 29. it’s one of the things my co-workers will never let me live down.

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