Top 10 Reasons for a Blogging Break

It may be time for a blogging break.   So much is going on right now and I need to give myself permission to not worry about blogging…every day.  It’s not like I do this for money!  Whenever I skip a day blogging I feel a bit of angst.  Anyone else experience that?  Like all of you that are reading (so a handful of people and half of you I talk to DAILY) are just waiting to read what I write.  HA! But once a day or two passes, for me, the feeling subsides.  And as I look at the upcoming weeks, I think there will be less and less posting due to other priorities. 
I was thinking about this all weekend and then today Emily posted she was taking a break and then the Top 10 hostess wrote about blogging breaks.  So those were my signs…the writing on the wall. 
And let me just go on the record that I do NOT feel that blogging takes me away from my children.  I hate when non-bloggers assume you are neglecting your family in order to have a fun time online.  I really hope this does not someday turn into blogging moms vs. non-internet moms just like SAHM vs WOHM continues on and on.  But I digress…
So here are my Top 10 Reasons I will most likely be posting (notice I didn’t say ” be online”) less often during the upcoming weeks.
  1. I’ve gotten a few hair bow orders that I need/want to fulfill.  I haven’t been pushing that hobby lately so I haven’t needed any extra time for it.  BUT, now I have some new bows to make including one that requires Honolulu blue…seriously???  Team colors drive me crazy…but it’s a nice challenge to make a fan happy.
  2. Speaking of bows…I’m partnering with a friend again for the Lakota West Craft Show the first weekend of October.  And by partnering I mean…basically she’ll have 90% of the inventory, but I still need to finish my 10%!  Ha! 
  3. I’m continuing to purge at home.  I’m still overwhelmed with STUFF.  And knowing that Christmas is right around the corner…and that we are blessed to have friends/family to exchange gifts with (in other words my kids will get even more toys they do not need), then I must keep getting rid of stuff to keep my sanity.
  4. I really need to finish start on that photo calendar I owe my dad.  Now it will be a 2012 calendar!  I know I could just buy and send him a calendar…that’s not the point.
  5. We just switched churches and the Young Family group at the new church has a book club and they are reading Queen Bees and Wannabees (the book that inspired the Mean Girls movie) .  Having heard the author speak once, I want to go to the discussion at the end of the month.  So I gotta read the book.
  6. I actually want to take some time to focus on learning more about blog networks and such…things like Blogher, Bloggy Moms, SITS Girls, and I have no idea how StumbleUpon works or how I should use it.
  7. Something I do know about and still love is Pinterest!  There are definitely a few things I pinned that I have to get done this fall.
  8. I’m headed to Arizona for work at the end of next week.  Thrilled to be going to a very important leadership conference focusing on employee development.
  9. Even more thrilled that we’ve farmed out the kiddos and added 4 days before my conference as a belated 10th Anniversary trip to Sedona.  So that’s definitely going to take some prep over the next week to prepare family for the babysitting.  I have to make this as easy as possible on them all so that we can travel again without them!
  10. I’ve got to take some time to get my good thoughts on paper.  And until then, I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting.
Those of you that are super nosy or just generally wondering how you will survive without checking in on me each day if I don’t post…no worries, I’ll at least give you a FB status update.  So if you “like” Take 10 With Tricia on FB, I promise an update here and there.  (But I will keep my promise to NEVER flood your newsfeed.  Not my goal.  I’m not that interesting.) 
Otherwise, I’ll be back soon!
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4 Responses to Top 10 Reasons for a Blogging Break

  1. I say YES to the blogging break! It just clears a part of your brain. 🙂

    And I agree about the non-blogging moms vs. blogging moms. I definitely get that vibe from some people, “You are online all the time. How do you get anything done?” like I’m ignoring my life to be online.

    Thanks for linking up! And enjoy your time away!

  2. Enjoy your time off b/c it is YOUR time to do what you want. If it becomes a chore, it’s no fun. If it’s not fun, it has become work instead of a hobby.

    Have a great anniversary trip!

  3. Whenever your break is over, we’ll still be here;). Have fun with your other projects…getting rid of STUFF is so satisfying, as is actually completing a pinterest inspired project! Have a wonderful time on your trip!!!

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