The Third Kid Never Gets Treated the Same as the First

So I know y’all are expecting a great post about my baby boy turning ONE today.  Um, not ready for that yet.  But here’s a sneak peek photo of him absolutely LOVING the cake we had tonight.  Things are just so different for us with baby #3 turning one.  So low-key.  I even had to send Andy out last night with the girls right before bedtime for them to pick out a gift for him…with a $20 limit.  And (true confession) only because Stella had asked me what we got him…and I couldn’t answer!  Poor kid.  He has so much already, but we love for the other kids to have to go to the store, walk down the toy aisles and pick something out for someone else.  They each found a $10 item and were so proud to give it to him this morning.  My biggest gift to him was a nap.  He stayed home with me today and slept for 3 hours this afternoon!  Below is how I filled my time…

My neighbor has two boys and just had a baby girl not too long ago.  She is just precious.  The neighbor is planning on getting professional photos of all 3 this fall.  However, she was still in need of a quick, basic photo for a birth announcement.  Now we all know, had this been child #1, she may have been more apt to get a professional birth announcement.  But since it was baby #3, she (crazily) asked me if I’d like to snap a few photos.  Although I have no desire to turn photography into a business, she did know I have a backdrop, nice camera, etc. since I hate paying someone else for photos.
And so we borrowed a few props from another photography-loving friend and spent the afternoon getting the little one all dolled up for photos and bribing her brother to be good (which he was).  Once we got her to sleep, the photos got a lot easier.  However, I definitely will be investing in a photography light next.  You can see that the garage lamp I had rigged didn’t provide the best lighting option.  All in all, I still think she looks precious.

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  1. Baby #2 gets treated so differently that I can’t imagine with baby #3. Cute photos. Love the last one with her cute little leg hanging off the bed.

  2. They look great! You did a great job!
    Before I got my light and backdrop, I used to use the garage light and gather all the clothes in my closet of the color I wanted and hung them across the mantle for the backdrop! 🙂

  3. Thanks for taking the pictures for me Tricia! You did an amazing job and I am lucky to have such an awesome friend/neighbor as you! Thanks for making my 3rd girly with the pics and thanks to Meg for the props!

  4. Thanks for taking the pictures for me Tricia! They are adorable and my family is going nuts over them. I am so lucky to have such an awesome friend/neighbor. Thanks for helping me make Molly so girly with the pics and thanks to Meg for letting us borrow props!

  5. Thanks for taking the awesome pics of Molly! My family is going nuts over them and thank you for making my 3rd so girly for me… after my two boys. I am so lucky to have you as a friend/neighbor. Thanks to Meg for letting us use her props!!!

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