Random Updates before Arizona

Just a few random thoughts before I check out for our trip to Sedona… 
First, I really hope Charlotte is potty-trained when we return.  But, what are the chances?  Yes, you should not compare your children and timelines, etc.  But, come on already!  Her latest development is hiding when she poops.  And below is where she goes.  No, she is not grunting.  She is closing her eyes so that I don’t “see” her.  I do love that she still thinks that if her eyes are closed she is invisible.  Sure, we’ve worked with her.  Sure, we try to catch her before she ends up in this spot.  But I have 3 kids and she always seems to have to go during the witching hour…when I’m making dinner.  Often by myself.  While making sure Henry isn’t climbing the steps, putting his hands in the toilet or choking himself on some small object.
Over the weekend Stella helped me make some dinners for other people.  We have some friends and acquaintances that could use a prepared meal due to a few different issues…illness, overwhelming times, etc.  So we made my go-to give-away dinner = Penne Pasta Bake.  Yum (we kept 1/4 of one recipe for ourselves!).  And the girls even made some cards for one lady.

Then Monday evening Stella wasn’t feeling well.  I could really tell when I couldn’t find her.  And then discovered her curled up in our “formal” living room because “I found some warm sun”.

So, she got to stay home yesterday and then be my assistant today at work.  She achieved a lot of screen time while in the office, but at least it was educational…Leap Frog videos on math, etc., right?

On the blogging front, I joined Twitter and Stumbled Upon, but feel REALLY lost.  Not sure how that’s going to go.
Really, really random, but my content got copied here.  Thankful that Google Alerts caught it (not sure why so late), but have no idea what to do about it since there is ZERO contact information, etc. 
We’re about to send the boys to Louisville and grandma will be headed over this evening to get all the notes on the girls’ routine, etc.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be on my way to one week without these crazy kids…hard to imagine.  My heart will hurt.  Glad that I’ll at least be with Andy for the first few days and thank goodness for Skype!

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