Checking In – Crafts, Messes, and Dresses

We’ve had a pretty busy week.  I’ve definitely missed posting every day and have actually had some good topics to post about…so I’m taking notes.  But it’s been nice to dedicate some time to other things.  Such as sleep this order for a hair bow holder and a Green Bay korker bow and a Detroit Lions bow.
Now, one of my main goals was to clean out my Dining Room.  But due to above order, it still looks tanked…and, in fact, even worse:

But instead of going insane about the mess, these girls keep me in all smiles.  Dress-ups are a huge hit again lately thanks to a shipment of hand-me-downs that made it to our front porch recently. 

See you soon!  This week will be filled with preparations for our trip to Arizona…can’t wait to be on that airplane Thursday morning.  Alone.  For hours.  But I’ve got to prep the house for Grandma and prepare Henry for his Louisville trip first.  Wish me luck!  Have a great week.

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  1. Oh I just knew stella would like that cheerleader dressu outfit! How in the world do you keep your kids out of the dining room? Or do you? Mine would trifle through all of that and make it more of a mess and spread out across the house. Oh and G would take things and hide them in the randomest of places.

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