When Sharks Attack


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So last night I was in the water swimming.  And my mom was nearby.  And we knew it was dangerous.  We knew there were sharks.  But I went back in anyway.  She could see me.  She knew it wasn’t safe.  She looked away.  And then I was gone.  Her eyes frantically searched the water.  She couldn’t see me.  But she thought she could see my swimsuit.  Colors from it under the water.  And suddenly, my head popped up.  I exclaimed, “I had to dive back down for my arm!”  And sure enough I was holding one of my arms.  The shark had attacked.  She was relieved to see me but hysterical due to the arm thing.  And then the ambulance sounded.  Over and over and over again…until she woke up and realized it was the alarm clock.  And she had been dreaming.

Funny thing?  She didn’t even read yesterday’s Sink or Swim post until later this morning.  That’s the thing about moms…they know things about you before you even tell them.  For some reason she had that dream on her own.  However, she knew deep down I would make it out (you did, right mom?).  Even if it’s going to cost me a body part.

Today is better than yesterday was.  I’m still drowning, but less.  And I have a plan…a new path.  Nothing earth-shattering.  But a plan to de-clutter, purge, throw/give crap away.  I think I am just suffocating in stuff.  It’s time to LET GO.  I’ve got to shake the “but I might need it one day…” attitude.  I can’t clear my mind until I clear my house. 

Anyone else been through this? 

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  1. Let me know if you need a Starbucks or UDF life preserver. I am where you are frequently, and like you mom, I believe in you.
    You always knew that those kids would cost you “an arm and a leg.”

  2. “Super-Mom” maybe that’s the problem. We hear that term, it goes to our heads, we decide to take on more than we should so that we can be called super again. The only problem doing this is that we all sooner or later, admittedly or not, end up in a place that would allow us to write the same blog entry that you did yesterday.

    Super-Mom is bullshit. Balancing it all doesn’t necessarily mean that every category in our life gets equal time and effort. You have to do what is right for you, your husband, and your children.

    If you run into the mom who balances everything without ever feeling like you did yesterday(and like we all have felt) ask her how many miligrams of Pro-zan-alium she’s currently taking to keep that smile plastered on her face and the pangs of guilt out of her stomach.

  3. The pace of my life, whether it be frenetic or calm, is always reflected in the appearance of my house.
    I am right there with you drowning in clutter these days. It just always seems like the least of my problems when there are so many pressing issues.
    Shall we purge together? 🙂

  4. Thanks ladies. Annie – I already have your pile started! Jess – Someone else was just asking me to post about mommies on “drugs” even if it’s just advil…hmmmm. BFF – Starbucks soon! And Amber…yes! Let’s purge!!

  5. Even Advil? Interesting. I’d rather be real than have to be pilled out of my head so that I could fake that everything was “just fine and wonderful” all of the time. Have you been praying for balance lately? I found that when I prayed for patience, God just put me into more situations that I HAD to demonstrate patience in. Its like a big cosmic joke. LOL. You won’t ever find me praying for humility. 🙂

  6. Funny I was just telling you yesterday, or was it Monday, that I cleared my dining room table that had been cluttered since the beginning of summer and how relieved I felt! I too am ihn the “purge” stage at the ouse and it feels great! It’s amazing how my mind is exhausted when my life/space is cluttered. I think the cooler weather may have something to do w/my renewed energy too! 🙂

  7. @Jess – Seriously…apparently some moms are surviving on 600-800 mg of motrin a day! Crazy.
    @Niki – EXACTLY! And I agree about the change in weather.

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