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Kara over at June & Bear recently posted about the Pinterest Challenge over at young house love.  Kara made some beautiful Cloth Napkin Pillow Covers.  Hop over and tell her how pretty they are!  And then follow her on Pinterest by clicking HERE.  And the whole post got me thinking about how much I’ve neglected Pinterest lately.  Because, you know, I have other things to do…like raise kids, bathe kids, feed kids, keep husband happy, keep job, etc.

But I really do still love the idea of Pinterest and I am still pinning things.  I just haven’t been window-shopping there lately!  I am proud to say that I’ve actually completed one project.  Remember back to the Father’s Day photo gift?  But now it’s time to decide which project to do next.  I think it will be THIS vacation memory jar.  I even brought back some beach sand and the girls picked out beach rocks for it.  I may add a postcard, a picture and a little note.  But first I’ve got to find the right jar.

I was motivated to revisit my Pinterest boards due to Kara’s post, but also due to a co-worker.  About the same time of Kara’s post, I received an email with this cute picture:

Annie is a feisty, yet sweet-as-pie co-worker who is still newlywed fresh and extremely fashionable.  And did I mention trust-worthy?  Big time.  Because I got to make her flower girl’s headband and hair bow.  No joke.  Anyway, she sent me this picture of a Pinterest idea she completed!  Check out her other pins as well…girl’s got good taste!  Sadly, she is not a blogger yet, so you’ll just have to be content following her on Pinterest for now.

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  1. I was so happy to complete something on my boards, I went out to get the stuff to make two more. If it ever cools down enough to spray paint. And I do still love the Pinterest. Hasn’t lost its luster.

  2. I haven’t even finished setting up my pinterest categories but I am looking forward to diving in once I carve out a chunk of time. I’ll have to check out this post again once I do.

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