Ten on Ten – Wednesday at Work

Another Ten on Ten!  And I remembered this month.  I did a little practice in manual today.  The kids weren’t so easy…

  1. Sweet Baby (Almost Big Boy!) Henry with food stuck in his teeth this morning
  2. Pouty Charlotte ready for her “Sissy” to come home from the grandparents’
  3. Yum…Chai Tea.  Gets me through my mornings.
  4. Can you hear it?  My sunglasses are giddy due to their new sunglass cover by hitched and stiched.
  5. Lunch at Sugar ‘n Spice.
  6. Quick trip to Whole Foods for dinner supplies – crab cake and tilapia
  7. Daily afternoon treat – 2 dark chocolate Hershey kisses
  8. Stack of work to take with me for tomorrow’s teambuilding session I am facilitating
  9. Charlotte trying on a new dress that might work for our upcoming family photo shoot
  10. Sharing some treats with my BFF

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