My Own Sunday Funny

Each week my BFF has a Sunday Funny.  Well, I’ve got my own this week.  Since Andy and I are going on a trip soon that will involve lots of hiking and we are also hitting Gatlinburg this fall, I thought I might want some new shoes.  Confession…I wasn’t as concerned about getting actual “hiking” shoes as I was about getting my sparkling white running shoes covered in red dust and dirt.  So I just got myself some nice brown New Balance shoes.  I decided to try them out at the park tonight on an extremely low-key, but beautiful nature walk we took with the kids.

Stella: Where are your gym shoes?
Me: I got some new shoes.  So I think I’m going to try them tonight.
Stella: Can I see them? (Points at box) In here?
Me: Yep. 
(Stella opens box and hesitates.)
Me: Well, what do you think?
Stella: They are really handsome.
Me: Um, thanks.
Stella: No, really handsome.
Me: So, you like them?
Stella: No mom, they’re boyish.
Me: Well they are for hiking.
Stella: They look like boys.
Me: Some girl gym shoes are brown.

She wasn’t convinced. 

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  1. How adorable that she was considerate enough to say something nice about your shoes even though she did not care for them. What a great sport!

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