I Get it Now about the Dress-Ups…Meet Miss Hannah

There are so many things in life that you just don’t get until you experience it yourself.  Let’s see…living on your own, getting engaged, planning a wedding, traveling to a foreign country, living in the south, being pregnant, giving birth, having kids, having a child only want to wear one dress-up outfit…all.the.time.
My Stella was never really big on dress-ups.  She had a few princess gowns and would put them on every now and then, but it was no big deal and it was more about the put-it-all-on and then take-it-all-off.  She actually had more fun just sitting with a container of play jewelry.
So when my sister once told me that my nephew refused to take off his Buzz Lightyear costume, I didn’t get it.  He even wore it to the grocery.  And then when everyone said, “Hey Buzz!” he took one look at my sister and said, “See, I told you everyone would know me” or something like that.  He wore that costume for months.
Well, now my Charlotte will NOT wear anything at home other than a dance recital outfit handed down to us from a cousin.  She adores this thing.  She turns into Princess Hannah, a butterfly fairy princess when she has it on.  Usually she is in full gear…the outfit, the butterfly wings, a sad looking paper crown and the matching hot-pink arm coverings.  All while walking around in baby blue Cinderella shoes.  The ones with the little heels.  That clack clack clack all over the tile.  That come so close to removing one of Henry’s fingers or toes. 
Luckily, I convinced her to remove most of the accessories when my dad was visiting on Sunday.  Not that I didn’t want him to see her in it…no, it’s a hoot to view.  BUT, because she wanted to show him how well she’s doing on the bike he got her.  I lost the battle by allowing her to keep on the outfit, but at least her toes are covered and her head is safe.

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