He Knows If You’ve Been Bad or Good

Recognize them?
How about now:

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Can you even imagine being 4-years old and having a nice family lunch one summer afternoon and into the restaurant walks…Santa Claus?  Followed by Mrs. Claus?  I can only tell you that my Stella’s eyes got wide and she got close to me.  Then Santa’s eye caught mine (and ok, I was as giddy as my 4-year old…hey, being a parent brings that Santa excitement all back again) and they walked right over to us.  And here is what he said.

“You’ve gotten bigger.  Now keep being a good girl.” (I’m guessing he was speaking to Stella.)

Or something like that.  Again, I was giddy that my 4-year old even got to experience this.  Luckily we were getting ready to leave or I would have been too distracted to eat I’m not sure how Stella would have reacted throughout her meal.  The ironic thing was that she had just asked me about Santa and the North Pole not 10 minutes earlier.  Perfect timing.  We got out to the sidewalk and I thought “What a great blog post!” immediately followed by “if only I had a picture”.  So, yes, I made a big to-do about going back in and getting a photo.  But it was well worth it.  We exchanged cards and he said he’d be back to the Skyline in full dress this winter.  So we may have to trek back over come December. 

Should you need to request Santa for any special event, please be sure to contact him.  I could tell in a quick minute that he was for real and super nice!  As was Mrs. Claus.  Here is their local website: http://www.santanky.com/index.htm.  And I love how their card states, “Have sleigh…will travel!”

Bummer that Charlotte and Henry weren’t with us.  Charlotte could always use a good, “Santa really is watching you!” And I’m not sure how Henry would have reacted…if at all.  Now I’m excited for the holidays.  And bummer that Stella had a gazillion questions afterwards on the way home…”Where were the reindeer?  Where is he going next?  How did he get here?  blah blah blah.”

And I have a cousin whom I’m sure is going to start stalking the Florence Skyline with her littles due to her adoration of the holiday season.  Her tree may already be up.  For real.

But hold on folks, most important part of this entire story?   Um…the man was eating SKYLINE CHILI.  So Goldstar fans…be ready for some coal in those stockings this Christmas, because he knows if you’ve been bad or good.  HA!

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