Embrace the Camera – Vacation & a Rear Shot

A few more vacation pictures that prove I was actually there!

And while I was going through all 600+ photos from vacation, I came across this one:

After confirming it was my husband that took the photo, 
(let’s just say my mom couldn’t see into
my Nikon D40 as well as her point and shoot and
there are some interesting photos here and there,
but I give her an A+ for helping me Embrace the Camera)
I thought “Yikes! A butt shot…why on earth…”
which was then immediately interrupted with
“Hey!  At least he’s still looking!” 
Even if he was trying to be funny…right?

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  1. Love the family pics – some really nice shots of you five. And as for the but shot – you look fantastic girl – he should be looking!!

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