Dear Toyota

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Dear Toyota,

I’m not sure why the rear (second row) windows don’t roll all the way down.  I even did a Google search, but didn’t come up with a really good answer.  Some guess cost, some guess safety, some guess that AC is just too popular and no one cares.

I care.

Whomever decided this would be a good idea really needs to get into a Sienna filled with toddlers on a beautiful night when everyone wants the windows down.  All the way down.  Not 1/4, not 2/3.  All. The. Way.

Because thanks to you all I heard was, “Momma, please roll my window down” over and over and over.  No matter how many times I pushed the button in front of her and didn’t make it go any further, she thought I was ignoring her or just being mean because my passenger window was indeed all the way down.  “MOMMA!  ROLL WINDOW DOWN!”  She was finally in tears, all because someone at Toyota looked at someone else and probably said, “Who will care?” 

My two-year old. 

And if it is due to safety for some odd reason…I’m not sure she’s any more safe with an insane momma now due to listening to all that screaming!!


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  1. Aw, we’re van twins!

    And yes, I think it’s that if it’s only that much down, kids can’t fall out….as easily? I don’t know, ’cause it makes no sense to me either!

    p.s. I just tell them that it’s broken and we’ll try and get it fixed someday…

  2. I wonder if the mechanics/electrical components that power all those bells and whistles are in the door not allowing the window to come all the way down. I am with Dwija, tell them it is broken. Unfortunately, they’ll probably still be upset.

  3. well shit – my kids have not yet complained about this – but I bet money they now will. My oldest has however noticed that now that she rides all the way in the back that she now longer has a window that opens at all AND she no longer has a side of the car named after her – just her siblings who ride in the middle do. I seem to have made this whole thing better though by convincing her that the entire back row is her office complete with special compartments for pens and crayons and napkins etc. And she loves to play catch when I toss her food back to her. Terrible I know.

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