7 Quick Takes Friday: Busy Weekend

  1. It’s a busy weekend for us…starting with today.  Actually starting last night when I did Dream Dinners for the first time, but more on that later.  This morning I took the girls to the Highfield Discovery Garden at Glenwood Gardens.  And…WOW!  This place was totally cool.  See the photo above of the girls doing the picture scavenger hunt and saying “hi” to Mr. Frog and Mr. Toad.  If you are local and have little ones, you need to check this out.  There is an admission price, so plan for that.  We loved it so much we got an annual pass.
  2. The really cool thing about this morning was actually thanks to Facebook.  That thing that gets criticized for ruining relationships.  Well, let me just tell ya, it brought me together with a college friend I hadn’t seen in 13 years…and 3 kids.  Each of her 3 kiddos is 4-6 months younger than my kiddos and so we met up today.  It was fun.  It took us way too long to actually connect in person.  I hope they had as much fun as we did because the kids and I hope to plan something again soon.
  3. It was either come home and nap or go swimming.  What a choice…so swimming it was!  Huge thanks to my aunt for letting us visit for a couple of hours.  And my Charlotte…would you believe she jumped off of the diving board at 2 1/2!  Such a brave one she is.
  4. And speaking of Charlotte, she now goes by “Hannah”. All.the.time. 
  5. Tomorrow afternoon the kids and I are heading to a Pirate Ship Christening.  Seriously.  Don’t worry, I’ll get photos.  That post is going to be way cool.
  6. Totally random, but I love mini Nilla wafers.  Felt I must add this since I’ve eaten half a box while typing this up.  Too bad the only milk we have is Vitamin D.  YUCK.  Momma must get to the grocery.
  7. Tomorrow night a friend and I are planning to see “The Help”.  I read it and loved it and everyone is saying that the movie is pretty good even if you liked the book. 
I hope you have a great weekend! 


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  1. Oooh… So glad you enjoyed Highfield. Our pass just expired in July. It was worth it, but I’m thinking my kids may outgrow it by next summer. It’s a nice place.

    Hannah. Hilarious.

    Mini nilla wafers are literally sitting next to me on my desk right now. Scary.

  2. You’ve got to check out the new Cincinnati Nature Center PlayScape for some seious nature play. It’s beyond awesome. Wear play clothes, shoes to get wet, and a change of clothes.

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