Whatcha Might Not Know…Cycling

This summer I am teaching my 4-year-old how to ride a bike.  I, however, have not been an active cyclist in many years.  Some of you know that Andy and I have road bikes and he still rides when he can (usually on the weekends).  But my poor bike is collecting dust in the basement.  It’s not that I don’t want to ride it, but life gets in the way.  Mainly, I don’t prefer to ride alone and now-a-days Andy and I going out on an hour ride together just isn’t in the picture.  So if I get a chance make the effort to exercise, I am on the treadmill or head outside for a walk/run.  Which, again, has not been happening lately due to numerous excuses reasons and I am realizing how much I miss it and need it.

This photo was taken way back in May 2005 during my longest ride.  Andy and I went to Longleaf Trace on our way to New Orleans.  We biked 72…yep, SEVENTY-TWO miles in one day.  And on purpose.  It was awesome!

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  1. My husband just got a spine neutral bike (he’s had two back surgeries in 4 years) and has started riding. But I don’t want to go alone either. Maybe when we can ride as a family.

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