Top 10 Things Said While on Trip with the Girls

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.  The girls and I went on a nice trip to Ft. Lauderdale to visit my dad.  It was an interesting exhausting trip trying to keep up with the girls and everything they got into without Andy there to help along the way.  (Don’t get me wrong, my dad and his girlfriend stepped in when they could when the girls let them.)
Here are some things I either said out loud or in my head
…I’ll let you figure out which was which:
  1. “Sure, (complete stranger) go ahead and give my screaming 2-year-old a cookie and look at me like I’m crazy for not doing it in the first place.  Because that’s the right way to send a message about her current behavior.  Scream some more, Charlotte…maybe you’ll get a cake from someone.”
  2. “Yes, it really is ok to pee in the ocean.”  Minutes later, “Pee in the ocean, NOT ON ME while sitting in the sand.”
  3. “Do not put the lizard’s tail in your mouth again or it’s going back to the store.”
  4. “Do not put your hand in your mouth after touching a public toilet.”
  5. “If you don’t sit down and stay buckled, you will not get another M&M.”
  6. Seriously?  It’s bread and cheese.  How can you not like it?  Fine, be hungry.”
  7. “Did you really just take off your pull-up full of poo and bring it to me?  Where have you been?  Were you sitting down anywhere??”
  8. ”You do not need goggles at a splash park…a little water won’t hurt your eyes.”
  9. “Papa Kenny has to go give the harmonica and the recorder to his neighbor. Hurry, give it to him.  See, he’s taking it out the door.” 
  10. “I’m going to ship you home via FedEx to daddy tomorrow.  Now pull it together if you want to stay.” 
We made it home this evening…there’s no place like home.
And there’s no one like daddy!

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  1. LOL! Seriously, I think you are a rockstar for attempting a trip in the first place. I find it very tiring to go on trips with only one toddler never mind more than one.

  2. How am I just finding this post? anyway – I loved it – makes me feel totally normal as I can completely relate. Thanks – I needed that!


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