Do You Call Your Momma?

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I have a “topic-feeder”.  I can always count on one particular good friend to come through with a blog topic when I’m facing writer’s block.  And the funny thing is…she just must know when I need an idea, because I’m not asking her…it just comes very timely.  So last week she left me a message (since we never actually “talk”) saying she was curious on just how often people are talking to their mothers, fathers, and in-laws…the parental package! 

And how often are the kids talking to grandparents?  Especially out-of-town relatives? And who do you just plain talk to every day?  Who is your go-to “phone buddy”?  Or are you NOT a phone person (Nutmeg, you out there reading this??).

So, here’s my input…yours?

Some of your dear moms are no longer with us.  Case in point…the “topic-feeder”.  Her mom passed away when she was a young girl.  I can’t imagine.  Personally, I talk to my mom almost every day.  Or, now-a-days, it might be a quick text about something.  And my mom is the first person I think to call when I need something…whether she can help or not.  You know, those important moments like when a kid poops in the bathtub.  My first thought is not, “What am I going to do?”  First thought is, “I must call my mom.”

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In-laws?  I talk to my MIL probably everty 7-10 days.  However, Andy calls his parents every few days to check in.  And the kids Skype them about once a week.  We also try to call my dad in Florida every week.  The kids are at the age when they enjoy talking on the phone and can say more than “Hi.  Love you.  Bye-bye.”  And we don’t have to translate as much either.  It’s cute to hear them have a sorta conversation.

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 My go-to “phone buddies”…my BFF and my neighbor would be on that list.  “Topic-feeder” is a voicemail relationship…crazy, but it works.  I usually check in with all three of them every couple of days…if not daily!

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* Funny digression, I googled “mom telephone” for images
and the last one above is from I’m a Lazy Mom
a blog I actually read…small world.
Check her out…she has GREAT tips!


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  1. I am like you. I talked to my mom everyday before she passed away and wish we still could talk about nothing. We see Howie’s mom every Wed. when she babysits and if not, we usually talk at least once a week with them.
    Remember you want to show your kids that a relationship with Mom or Dad is important…one day you’ll be the ones wishing they called or stopped by.
    P.S. Call me 😉

  2. My Momma lives in my backyard (literally) so EVERY day and sometimes several times a day. My MIL watches my kids in our home, so again EVERY day. There are times I need break, but it a good thing.

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